The EU-Office Skåne Nordost

EU office Skåne Nordost is situated in southern Sweden. We are a joint resource that works on behalf of eight municipalities:  Bromölla, Hässleholm, Hörby, Höör, Kristianstad, Osby, Perstorp and Östra Göinge. The mission is for the municipalities, with help of the EU office, to make greater use of the EU’s funding opportunities in municipal development work.

Since the EU office Skåne Nordost started in 2009, the municipalities have together received approximately SEK 300 million granted for various projects. With the help of this money, the municipalities have, among other things, been able to carry out important investments in the labor market, integration and education aimed at young people and those born abroad, but also in growth issues and business life in north-eastern Scania. An example of one of the most successful projects is Lärlingsakademin, a project for young people who are far from the labor market and where fully 90 percent of the participants are offered work or go on to study after completing vocational training.